Hearing Protection For Shooting 

The sound of a gun going off is louder than listening to a rock concert, standing by an underground train as it goes by or even hearing a jet taking off. This is why it pays dividends to protect your hearing if you often fire guns or practise shooting in any form.

We stock the complete range of Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors (CENS) from Puretone, designed to protect your hearing both now and in the future. These ear pieces will protect your hearing from the loudest gunshot, and yet they are also able to let you hear all other noise around you at all times.

Hearing Protection For Shooters (CENS)

The custom moulds have volume control and can be bought in either analogue or digital formats. Choose from CENS ProFlex, CENS ProFlex Hunter and CENS Digital, depending on your needs and what type of gun you normally use.