Hearing Protection For Musicians 

We stock the complete range of hearing protection items from Puretone, designed to ensure that music lovers can preserve their hearing for the future. Puretone products also allow musicians to enjoy making music at all times, without being deafened by it.

These products fall into two categories – in-ear monitors and noise protection.

Hearing Protection For Musicians

In-Ear Monitors

The in-ear monitors are designed to let musicians on stage hear everything they need to in a live performance without fear of damaging their hearing. These are custom made and used by many famous names in the industry. Not only do they offer exceptional sound quality but are also extremely comfortable and reliable. The in-ear monitors also help to eliminate feedback and lower on-stage noise levels.

Noise Protection

The noise protection products are designed to protect against higher decibel levels you may experience in certain situations on a regular basis. If you are often on stage or spend a lot of time in a musical environment, noise protection could be of significant benefit.

ELACIN ER noise plugs are used by many musicians as they offer excellent noise protection. They feature an individually calibrated filter and are available in either 9dB, 15dB or 25dB attenuation. These filtered ear plugs offer a flat attenuation across all frequencies. They protect the ears from loud music exposure but still allow the musician to hear the true sound and frequency range of the music. Being custom made, they fit nicely too.