Hearing Protection 

There are situations in life where it is necessary to protect your hearing in order to help preserve it for the future. While you may not damage your hearing in certain situations without hearing protection, too much noise may have an adverse effect in other ways. This is particularly pertinent if you work in a noisy environment. In such cases, it is advisable to book an appointment with a consultant to discuss your hearing protection options.

At Harley Hearing Centre, we have a variety of products that offer effective hearing protection for all kinds of scenarios.

Hearing Protection For Carpenter

Hearing protection for sports and shooting

Custom made silicone ear plugs are designed to protect sportsmen and women involved in noisy sporting situations. A typical example is to protect their ears against the noise of a gun going off, but they are ideal for other situations too. Different designs use digital technology to cut out loud noises while still enabling the wearer to hear speech.

Ear moulds for television presenters

TV presenters’ moulds are used to filter out external noise while still enabling the presenter to hear speech. These moulds can be custom fitted to make them discreet as well as comfortable while on the air.

Swimming plugs

Some people cannot allow water to get into their ears when swimming owing to medical conditions. Swim plugs are specially designed to fit the ear and allow the wearer to enjoy swimming without fear of letting water into their ears.

IEMs – In-Ear Monitors

In-Ear Monitors are used by musicians while performing on stage. They allow the performer to hear a mix of microphones and instruments while providing noise reduction from stage noise levels.

Custom designed earplugs for sleep

Anyone who experiences disturbed sleep will know how frustrating it can be. Custom designed earplugs could be the answer. These earplugs are designed to block out noise while you are sleeping regardless of what the noise might be. Look forward to peaceful nights once again!