Invisible Hearing Aid From Starkey 

An invisible hearing aid is something most people with hearing difficulties would be interested in. Starkey has created an invisible hearing device that is custom made to fit in your ear. It’s one of the most outstanding digital invisible hearing aids available in the country today. It’s called the SoundLens.

Invisible Hearing Aid from Starkey

Hear what you want to hear, not what you don’t

Some invisible hearing aids bring you whistling and other interference instead of clear sound exactly when you need it. The new S Series SoundLens by Starkey works to reduce and eliminate this while enhancing the speech you want to hear. The experience you are likely to have with the SoundLens is far beyond any that you may have had with other styles of hearing aids.

100% custom, invisible, digital and fully programmable hearing aid

SoundLens is the first custom fit invisible in-the-canal hearing aid available in the UK. Not only is it completely invisible, it also has the most advanced technology on the market. It’s high performance features are intended to:

  • Reduce listening effort and mental fatigue in noisy environments
  • Virtually eliminate whistling or buzzing
  • Let you talk easily on the phone
  • Provide a comfortable fit, designed for your ear
  • Suit your lifestyle with a variety of styles and technology levels

Friends will notice your hearing is better but they won’t notice why.

This custom fitted invisible hearing aid could change your life!

Contact us now to book a free appointment with our hearing aid consultant to discuss your bespoke fitting for the new S Series SoundLens from Starkey.