Hearing Aids 

Hearing aids these days are smaller, lighter and more effective than ever before. We have the best selection of hearing instruments available in the UK from all the leading brands providing the latest developments in hearing aids technology. These include digital hearing devices from Oticon, Phonak and Widex.

Digital Hearing Aids

Hearing aids for every requirement

We offer a highly personalised and professional audiological service. Our hearing aids consultant will determine the degree of your hearing loss and offer you the best possible solution for your hearing difficulties.

We cover various styles of hearing aids to match your lifestyle preferences:

• CIC – Completely in the Canal
• ITE – In the Ear
• BTE – Behind the Ear
• RITE – Receiver in the Ear

The technological advances made in the hearing aid industry over the last 5 years now enable users to enjoy wireless connectivity and high-speed broadband communication between instruments. If you want to buy hearing aids, you will be pleased to know we can also supply you with a full range of hearing aid accessories to complement your purchase.

From digital hearing aids to everything that goes with them, consider us to be your one-stop destination for all your hearing needs and requirements.

Introducing the invisible hearing aid

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of a brand new invisible hearing aid from Starkey called SoundLens. Harley Hearing Centre was specially selected by Starkey to showcase it’s leading state of the art hearing aid in the UK.